Posted: 6/6/19

Kindergarten Graduation

Congrats to our kindergarteners for their graduation today! First grade, here they come!
Posted: 6/5/19

Field Day

FIELD DAY! One of the best days of the school year where all of our students and teachers are gathered together for activities and fun all day long. We are so thankful to Shannon Waroway for putting on this incredible day for so many years, it has been a treat to us all! The day begins with different physical activities including an obstacle course, a pool noodle javelin toss, a 50m dash, and a water bucket relay race. Mid-day students take a break with lunch and a Veggie Tales video. They resume activities for the afternoon that concludes with popsicles, a tug-of-war, and an awards ceremony!
Posted: 6/5/19

Congratulations to our Graduating Eighth Grade Class!

Our most newly minted alumni! Congratulations to our 8th graders as they graduated last night. Today, they were honored by each grade in our closing assembly and are leading their chapel families in Field Day as we speak! We send them forth with God’s blessings. One photo shows the students who were in kindergarten together with Mrs. Dick.
Posted: 6/4/19

2018-2019 Math Olympians

Congratulations to all our 2018-2019 Math Olympians! The Math Olympians participated in the National Competition by taking a series of 5 tests to solve unusual and difficult problems and thinking creatively. Our teams did very well! We are especially proud that all four of our middle school participants scored in the top 50% nationally, two of which scored within the top 10% nationally. Thank you to Phil Boonstra for his efforts and time in providing our students with this opportunity!
Posted: 6/2/19

Michigan Extravaganza

Combining their efforts, our third and fourth graders gave us a great show on Friday with their spectacular Michigan Extravaganza, showcasing their study of our state’s history. It included a joint performance, followed by individual presentations.
Posted: 5/28/19

8th Grade Trip to Chicago

We send off our eighth graders on their class trip to Chicago!
Posted: 5/28/19

Memorial Day Parade

Many of our families gathered together to walk in the Memorial Day Parade! What a joy to see parents and students coming together to enjoy a day off of school.
Posted: 5/24/19

Kindergarten Animal Fair

The library filled with parents and students for the special treat of our Kindergarten Animal Fair! Each student created a report, a diorama of their animal's habitat, and painted a picture of their animal on clay.
Posted: 5/24/19

35 Athletes on our Track Team!

We had a full roster of runners this season for our track team, topping out at 35 athletes! Our 5th-8th graders were competitive at all of the league meets, taking either 2nd or 3rd at each one. The girls team also took 2nd at the Whitmore Lake invitational. It was a fun and successful season. We are so grateful to our coaches for all the time and effort they put in with our students!
Posted: 5/23/19

Field Trip to Lansing

Our fourth graders took a field trip to Lansing, check it out!