Posted: 4/5/19

Chapel: Create in Me a Clean Heart O God

"Create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me Create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me."
In our chapel Mrs. Admiraal shared her story with us about how God has worked in her life and then she gave every student a white heart to remind them always that God creates a clean heart in each of us when we ask.
Posted: 4/2/19

Telegraphs in New Science Curriculum

As part of our new science curriculum’s unit on energy and electromagnetism, our students are using a cool telegraph to read and solve a code!
Posted: 3/22/19

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Posted: 3/20/19

Parachute Test-Drop Day

It's parachute test-drop day! Students were able to test how long their parachutes were able to keep a LEGO man in the air.
Posted: 3/12/19

Visit from Playwright Jeff Duncan

Our fourth graders were visited by playwright Jeff Duncan after seeing his play “Shipwrecked.” The play is historical fiction based on the Great Lakes shipwreck in 1893.
Posted: 3/12/19

Book Character Day

As a part of our March Reading Rally, our students dressed up as their favorite book character for a whole day at school! Characters included favorites such as The Little Mermaid, The Bernstein Bears, Amelia Bedelia, Rapunzel,  and Gilbert the Great Shark!
Posted: 3/11/19

Passion Project Elective

What a unique experience! For their Passion Project elective, students spent the trimester digging into a topic of personal interest. They then presented their project to a panel of judges made up of staff, parents, and alumni parents while also receiving feedback from school mates. Their amazing projects ranged from cooking interests to coding and from photography to story writing with illustrations.
Posted: 3/9/19

Ancient Egyptian Culture Showcase

Using both hands-on, interactive displays and modern laptops, our sixths graders showcase their recent study of ancient Egyptian culture to their fellow school mates and guests.
Posted: 3/1/19

Peter Pan Jr.

Our theater club production of Peter Pan Jr. is FRIDAY at 7pm and SATURDAY at 2pm! Join us as we embark on a magical journey to Neverland with this beloved children's classic. Tickets are available at
Posted: 2/22/19

Science Fair and Soup Supper

Tonight was our science fair and soup supper where families gathered together to enjoy a soup supper dinner and view the science fair projects put on by our students! Projects included "Can you trust the 5-second rule?", "What objects reflect light?", and "Do cookies sink or float in milk?"