Posted: 6/14/21

CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2021!

CONGRATULATIONS to the AACS Class of 2021!! We are so proud of you all and will continue to pray for each of you as you begin your high school journey. Please come back and visit us anytime! Bless you and have a fabulous summer!! #AACSlife
Posted: 5/6/21

National Day of Prayer 2021

Today is National Day of Prayer! AACS 8th graders led the way this morning as they stood and prayed around the flagpole for our nation. As a school, we all joined with other Christians around the U.S., reminded of our call to pray for others … for our nation, our leaders, our city, our church, our families, and our personal walk with Christ. May we be faithful. May we remember to pray in all things, in all times, for all our lives. Join us today as we pray through 1 Timothy 2:1-6. #AACSlife #nationaldayofprayer
Posted: 4/23/21

Alumni Parent Guest Speaks to AACS 8th Graders About Engines

We love having alumni parents returning as guest speakers! Here, an alumni parent who is a Ford engineer talked with our 8th graders about engines. #AACSlife #nextgenerationsciencestandards #faithandscience
Posted: 4/12/21

AACS Resurrection Chapel 2021

Experiencing our Resurrection Chapel is always special at AACS, and this year it came with an extra surprise for the students, faculty and staff! For the first time this school year we gathered outside together for our all school Resurrection Chapel! We still followed safety protocols, but being outside gave us a slice of “normal” where we were able to come together to sing praises and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord! So thankful!! Be sure to check out our Facebook page to watch the video!
“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.” Matt. 28:6
Posted: 3/23/21

Beacon Newsletter – March 2021

Be sure to check out our latest Beacon Newsletter!  
Posted: 3/11/21

  AACS students gave us a treat at dismissal last week with a mini concert! We love the creative way they are showcasing what they are learning in music! Thank you Mrs. Cupery and students for making dismissal special! #AACSlife   Click here to see the concert!    
Posted: 2/23/21

AACS Celebrates 100 Days in School!

Today we celebrate being in school for 100 Days!! While we recognize this milestone each year, this one is definitely a special one to truly celebrate! Be sure to check out our Facebook page for a few pictures of AACS students' 100 day projects and some of their 100th day activities! Great day at AACS!! Link to the 100th Day photo album. #AACSlife
Posted: 2/3/21

AACS is Awarded Meemic Foundation Grant!

AACS is grateful to have received this awesome Qomo Document ScannerCam for our M.S. science classroom thanks to Meemic Foundation’s December 2020 PopIn2Win Grant Award! Thank you Meemic Foundation!! #AACSlife #MeemicFoundation
Posted: 1/29/21

AACS 6th & 7th Grade Flower Dissection Lab Fun!

AACS 6th and 7th grade flower dissection lab where students observe the parts of a flower and learn how each part is involved in helping a plant continue its growth for another generation. Students examine the petals, stamens, pistils, pollen, and ovules and learn more about how a plant reproduces. Students sharpen their observational skills and study different aspects of the life cycle of plants. #AACSlife
Posted: 1/18/21

Ann Arbor Christian Students Take a “Day On” to Learn from Dr. King to Listen with your Heart.

At Ann Arbor Christian School, rather than taking a day off like most schools, it gathers to take a “day on” to explore the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and how his message continues to challenge us today. For many years, students, teachers, parents, alumni students, and guests arrive at school at the normal opening time to spend the morning in various thought-provoking activities to learn about Dr. King, his work, and the civil rights movement. The theme this year was “Listening with Your Heart,” as captured by Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” Ann Arbor Christian School believes its students can do great things for our world if we can build understanding by listening to another’s experiences, especially in our world today. Listening with the heart recognizes the experiences of the other and puts aside our own experience and expectation to listen with empathy and compassion, not judgment. If we are going to build peace, we have to start with listening. Listening is a way to love. The “day on” explores the question of how can we listen with our hearts at home? At school? In our neighborhoods? In our community? The day begins with a chapel service that reflected on Dr. King’s being a pastor who was guided by Christian principles and his knowledge of the Bible in his understanding and pursuit of racial equality. Like many figures described in the Bible, Dr. King compelled to act on his convictions to help transform the culture around him. After chapel, the students start to explore aspects of the civil rights movement and Dr. King’s work in more detail. This year, students explored the story of Ruby Bridges, Melba Patillo Beals, Keisha Thomas, and Dr. John Perkins. Younger students also used additional books to help them in their understanding of listening with empathy and compassion, not judgement. They used books like “You Are Special” by Max Lucado, “The Day You Begin” by Jacqueline Woodson, and “The Other Side,” by Jacqueline Woodson, where they focused on the feelings of the characters and what we hear when we listen with our hearts. The time spent was rich and powerful. The morning concluded with each student voicing key aspects of what they learned and creating an artwork for the hallway as a reminder of those lessons. Ann Arbor Christian School hopes that this morning’s time during MLK Day will serve to help all of their students to better the world in which we all live in. Wayne Sit, head of school stated, “This is a tradition that we hope will instill Dr. King’s dream in many generations of students who will transform our community and world.” Be sure to check out more pictures on our Facebook page. #AACSlife