High School

High School

ENROLL NOW: We will have Grades 9 & 10 in 2024-25 and will add an additional grade each year. The first 30 new families enrolled will also receive $500 off their first-year’s tuition.

Are you ready to join something special?

Ann Arbor Christian School is excited to be pioneering the first PK to Grade 12 Christian school in the city of Ann Arbor! A special generation of families and teachers are helping us to create the first interdenominational Christian high school in Ann Arbor.

In addition, we passionately believe that the unique leadership and learning opportunities of being part of a new high school will provide our students with something rare and “once-in-a-lifetime” that no other local high school can offer. It will foster an entrepreneurial, pioneering, and service-oriented mindset that is irreplaceable and that will serve them well in life beyond high school.

The Ann Arbor area is a region that creates unique opportunities and challenges for the youth of our community. To support Christian parents and local churches, Ann Arbor Christian School has expanded into the high school grades (9th grade in 2023-24, with an additional grade being added each year) to help develop children and teens who have a deep and rooted faith in Jesus Christ while also attuned to a world approaching the mid-21st century. We want to help raise up the next generation of Daniels – young men and women who, in the midst of great changes and challenges in a shifting culture, hold firmly to Biblical truths and who are being equipped to love, engage, and transform the world.

Ann Arbor Christian High School is now open!

We opened our doors in Fall 2023:

  • Our Upper Campus consists of extensive, exclusive space leased from Grace Ann Arbor North Church (formerly Huron Hills Church) for multiple years.
  • We opened with Grade 9 in the 2023-2024 school year. With each following year, we will add an additional high school grade level, offering Grades 9-12 by 2026-2027.
  • We have crafted a high-quality high school experience, building on our 30+ year history and track record of academic excellence and faith integration.
  • We are utilizing the unique opportunity of a brand new high school to think creatively and provide unique learning experiences, well-equipping students for college and life.
  • We are developing a high school culture that proactively identifies common and known stressors in high school life and countering those with norms and values that prioritize the word “healthy”.
  • We have a group of local youth pastors helping us to envision a vibrant and healthy high school culture.
  • We have launched our high school athletic program with both AACS teams and co-op opportunities with other area schools.
  • We have the eager support and prayer of Christian Schools International (our accreditation organization) in this endeavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are you offering for high school? Do you offer multiple course tracks (e.g., honors or AP courses)?

Absolutely! We have mapped out our curriculum for Grades 9-12 already. We believe in providing options for students to experience great academic success and personal growth. As a result, we have created a Grade 9-12 curriculum that offers a variety of course options and pathways to have a strong and positive high school experience and to be well-prepared for life after high school. For instance, based on what math course was taken in Grade 8, a 9th grader can take Algebra 1, Geometry, or Geometry Honors. Our curriculum also meets state graduation guidelines.

Please see the Curriculum & Graduation Guide below.

In addition, we plan to work with nearby Concordia University to offer additional course options for our students while enabling them to earn college credit and experience a taste of college life. Please see the Curriculum & Graduation Guide below for more details about dual-enrollment with Concordia. We are delighted to be a 5-minute drive to a faith-based university with shared values and a Christian worldview.

Is the high school accredited?

Yes, Ann Arbor Christian School, including our high school, is accredited with Christian Schools International, which offers curriculum, teacher support, leadership training, testing, and other services to nearly 400 member schools in the United States and abroad. 

What is the tuition for the high school? Is there tuition assistance?

$11,700 with a $500 discount for the first 30 families. In addition, because we desire Christian education to be accessible to all Christian families, AACS has a robust tuition assistance program that offers up to 60 percent of tuition based on financial need. Learn more about tuition, fees, and assistance.

What are your qualifications for teachers?

Educators who:

  • love the Lord and want to help high schoolers grow in and embrace their faith
  • are passionate about high schoolers and the unique season of life that they are in
  • hold traditional and biblical views on critical social issues in our world today
  • have clear education, training, and/or work experience that demonstrate that they will be excellent teachers
What's unique and special about joining a new high school?

We passionately believe that the unique leadership and learning opportunities of being part of a new high school will provide our students with something rare and “once-in-a-lifetime” that no other local high school can offer. It will foster an entrepreneurial, pioneering, and service-oriented mindset that is irreplaceable and that will serve them well in life beyond high school. They will also have a voice in shaping the start of our high school by being among its first students.

Also, while a new high school, Ann Arbor Christian has a successful track record of 30+ years that we are building on and extending out into high school grades.

Does the high school meet the Michigan Department of Education's Merit Curriculum for graduation?

Yes. We want to ensure a high school education that meets and exceeds state standards. Please see the Curriculum & Graduation Guide below.

Is the high school "college preparatory"?

Yes and no. Most of our students will attend a four-year college, so we are fully committed to providing an excellent high school experience that prepares them extremely well for college. So, in that sense, we are college preparatory. However, we do recognize that attending college may not be God’s calling for all students and that there are other good paths that our students may follow. As a result, we view our high school as preparing our graduates well for life after high school.

Do you have athletic teams?

Yes, we know that high school athletics can be an important part of a high schooler’s experience, so we are offering a high-quality program. Please see the Curriculum & Athletics Guide below.

In the fall, we had girl’s JV volleyball, co-ed cross country, and equestrian. In addition, through a co-op arrangement with Father Gabriel Richard High School, our students played football and boys’ soccer.

For the winter of 23-24, we had basketball for boys and girls. For the spring of 2024, we have track & field, as well as baseball and softball through a co-op arrangement with with Father Gabriel Richard High School.

Do you offer student support services?

We believe all children can succeed and thrive at school, and we have put in structures and people in place to support that belief. Please see our Student Support section.

Is there any kind of transportation?

We have a school passenger van to help transport students between our Main Campus and the high school campus (Upper Campus). The van is also used for small group field trips and athletic activities.

For 2024-2025, as the high school grows, we are actively exploring a broader shuttling service. Details to come soon.

What are the high school's hours?

We start the day at 8:30am and end at 3pm. Students may arrive as early as 7:45am. In addition, we are offering a creative and healthy class schedule with built-in time during the school day each week for enrichment activities, problem-solving opportunities, and student support. We will have block periods that are 75 minutes in length and meet on alternating days.

How large will each grade be?

We opened in August 2023 with 20 students for 9th grade! We eventually hope to have up to 50 students per grade, in grades 9-12.

We believe that these groups will help us reach our goal:

  • Students from our own 8th grade class
  • Students from other Christian schools that end with 8th grade
  • Many homeschooling families
  • Many Christian families in the public schools who want something different and more life-giving for their children
Are there student computers?

Each high school student is assigned his or her own individual Chromebook. These laptops are important and helpful learning and productivity tools for our students. The Chromebooks are owned by the school and will be filtered through our school’s security and filtering system.

In addition, we have a computer lab at our Upper Campus with large 24-inch high definion monitors. Knowing that high school work will become increasingly complex and involve juggling multiple windows on their Chromebooks, the computer lab allows students to plug their Chromebooks into the 24-inch monitors. This will allow our high schoolers to have a larger screen for their school work, as well as a large screen to share during partner work. 

Network printers are also available to the students to print to.

Our school also uses the Google Apps for Education platform. Each student is issued a school account that allows them access to Google’s productivity suite, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Drive.

Is there a uniform?

Yes, there is a uniform. On chapel days or for special presentation days, the dress uniform consists of a school polo and black pants. For most other days, the standard uniform of school t-shirt and khaki shorts or black joggers applies. We also occasionally have “dress down” days when the students can wear school sweatpants or jeans, along with an AACS spirit wear shirt (perhaps from a club or sport). Most uniform items come from Educational Outfitters in Farmington, with a few items available through Dexter Print and Embroidery in Dexter.

Are phones allowed at school?

In order for our students to be fully present and engaged with each other and their teachers, phones (including other cellular devices, such as a cellular smartwatch) are not allowed during the school day. They will need to be off and stored in their locker during the school day. If parents need to reach their student for urgent matters, they may contact the school office.

We are invested in the students’ relationships to being based on face-to-face, in-person interactions while at school.

Can homeschooling families enroll part-time?

We are very open to talking with any interested homeschooling families about a part-time enrollment.

Is your school associated with a church or denomination?

Ann Arbor Christian School is an independent, interdenominational, and private Christian school not associated with a church or denomination. While our high school campus is located at Grace Ann Arbor North Church (formerly Huron Hills Church), we are not a school of that church and are completely autonomous from them. However, we are very grateful for the partnership that we have with the church and for their hospitality in hosting our high school.

As a school, about 45 churches are represented within our school community. We appreciate the diversity of churches represented in our school and the richness it provides to our community.

Although families in the school are members of churches that are unified on the essentials of the Christian faith (as summarized by the Apostles’ Creed or Nicean Creed), they may hold differing views on certain non-essential aspects of faith and practice, such as how baptism should be performed, how communion is celebrated, and the role of women in church leadership. Yet, our common mission of helping children grow as disciples of Jesus Christ empowers us to respond to these challenges with Christian love and maturity.

Rather than teach the non-core doctrine of any one particular denomination, we focus on developing the Christian character of the students, their knowledge of the Scriptures, their relationship with their Lord and Savior, and their understanding of what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ. We are united in the foundational beliefs that make us all Christians.

At the same time, with a commitment to truth and love working together, we also hold steadfast to traditional and biblical views on critical social issues in our world today. We believe in God’s call to love all and to do so without compromising convictions.

High School Curriculum, Graduation Requirements, & Athletics