Student Support

Student Learning Support

We envision a future for Ann Arbor Christian School where we reflect God’s Kingdom by serving a wider range of learners with unique abilities and gifts within our school community.

Our goal is to enable ALL students to appropriately develop their gifts and abilities in order to live and act in society as disciples of Jesus Christ. We are committed to providing a Christ-centered education to all students.

At Ann Arbor Christian School, we believe that every child is made in God’s image and likeness, equipped with gifts and abilities, and provides a unique contribution to our school community. We recognize that certain challenges may make the learning process more difficult for some students. Our Academic Support programs are based on the belief that all children can learn and, with the right support, can find success in their journey.

A Multi-Tiered Support System

AACS utilizes a multi-tiered support system (MTSS):

  • Tier 1: The first level of support is based on in-class support provided by our classroom teachers, implementing high quality instruction with evidence-based practices and curriculum.
  • Tier 2: For students who are identified as needing additional support, small group instruction either in the classroom or outside of the classroom is provided to meet specific learning targets in our second tier of support.
  • Tier 3: Our third level of support provides one on one intervention on a more regular basis to meet student needs.

Our team consists of a Learning Specialist to oversee and implement programming along with a team of Learning Support aides to carry out intervention groups. In addition, we have contracted with All Belong to have a school social worker on-site twice a month to provide a new level of mental health support to our school community. The social worker will work in a variety of capacities to serve our school, from one-on-one conversations with an individual student, social-emotional skill development with groups of students, and conversations with teachers and parents.

Additionally, direct services such as speech and language therapy and occupational therapy are provided by Ann Arbor Public Schools to qualifying students. Indirect services for students with qualified diagnosed learning disabilities are provided to teachers to better meet student needs. Regardless of how services are provided, Ann Arbor Christian School is committed to meeting the needs of all learners entrusted to our care.

Learning Specialist

For more information contact Antoinette Naab, our Learning Specialist.

“AACS has been incredible for my two children with reading and math learning disabilities. From the time they enrolled, AACS has offered significant academic support alongside rigorous expectations – all with compassion and a very personal touch! Due to the individualized support my kids have received, they are excelling way beyond what we dared hope when they were first diagnosed with learning disabilities. Our gratitude to AACS staff is bottomless.”

AACS Parent