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Support Christ-Centered Education in Ann Arbor

Tuition dollars only cover a portion of the AACS vision. Combined with the generous and sacrificial giving of others, your financial support of Ann Arbor Christian enables Ann Arbor Christian to provide strong, Christ-centered education for the greater Ann Arbor area that impacts hundreds of real lives every day.

Many ways to give are explained below or use the Give Now buttons to make an online donation.

Why Support AACS

Your giving to Ann Arbor Christian School:

  • Enables the school to carry forward our vision for future growth to impact more families and generations of children to come.
  • Is a kingdom investment in the next generation of Christ followers.
  • Strengthens the financial foundation of the school.
  • Empowers the school to provide tuition assistance to families who deeply desire Christian education for their children but need financial help.
  • Is tax deductible since the school is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Our vision requires God’s people moving with us and people who are willing to learn, serve, share, and invest over the long haul to see Ann Arbor Christian thriving for the greater Ann Arbor area.

Ways To Support AACS

First and foremost, we desire for our supporters to actively pray for the school and its mission. Current families, alumni families, local church leaders, donors, and other supporters can all be praying for AACS as we seek to deliver on our vision in the greater Ann Arbor area.

Countless individuals have also devoted thousands of volunteer hours in virtually every aspect of the school’s life. Whether it be serving on a committee, being a classroom aide to a teacher, shelving books in our library, or helping at a school event, volunteers provide an invaluable contribution to the work that goes on at AACS. It exemplifies the word “partnership” in our mission.

There are also multiple ways for supporters to give a financial gift to the school. Options are available for both one-time and recurring gifts. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, so your contribution is tax deductible.

Give Once
You can make a secure one-time donation online.

If possible, we encourage the EFT/ACH (bank account) option over the credit card option. It minimizes transaction fees and allows the maximum amount of your gift to support the school.

Give Regularly
You can make a secure recurring donation online.

We have options for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly recurring donations. Your faithful recurring donations allow us to plan for the use of the expected income. Thank you!

If possible, we encourage the EFT/ACH (bank account) option over the credit card option. It minimizes transaction fees and allows the maximum amount of your gift to support the school.

Give By Mail
Yes, of course you can send us a check!

Please make it payable to Ann Arbor Christian School and send to:
Ann Arbor Christian School
5500 Whitmore Lake Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Other Types of Giving
Numerous other giving options exist, including:

  • Naming AACS in your will, trust, or estate plan
  • Matching gifts from your employer
  • Giving AACS a gift of stock

To discuss any of these options further, please contact:
Jan Musch, Finance Manager
734-741-4948 x120

“As a grandparent who spent her career as a public school teacher, I wasn’t sure what to think when my daughter and her husband chose to entrust their children to AACS. I soon learned that this small school was a mighty force… The staff is excellent; the reputation of the school and the Christian perspective attracts only the best teachers. The first thing that impressed me about this school is the way they immediately saw the need my second grade grandson had and addressed it, saving his educational career. Soon my grandson was meeting with a specialist; his handwriting and confidence improved together and he is now graduating as a top student. As retired teachers, my husband and I are very involved in the school and with our grandsons’ learning. We can say unequivocally that the education they have received is superior in every way.
AACS Grandparent