Tuition & Fees

Your Eternal Investment in Your Child’s Life

We believe AACS is an exceptional school and that God has special plans in store for all families who attend it. Your investment in an AACS education is an eternal investment in the life of your child. However, we understand it is a significant financial commitment and a commitment that can impact other important financial plans and needs of a family. To help families who need some assistance, we offer tuition assistance (see below) as well as a discount for the second student and any additional children enrolled in grades K through high school.

High School Tuition

Tuition for Grades 9 and 10 for 2024-2025 is $11,700 with a $500 first year’s discount for the first 30 families who enroll. The same tuition assistance program and multi-child discounts already offered for Kindergarten-Grade 8 also apply to our high school.

Pastoral Tuition Discount

For families of an individual in an official and paid role with the title of pastor or minister in a church, there is up to an automatic 50% discount on normal tuition rates. Please call us to inquire more about qualifications.

Tuition Assistance Program

With the resources given to us by God, we wish to offer financial assistance to families who need such assistance and to support families who seek a Christ-centered education for their children while juggling other critical financial needs in their lives. For K-Grade 10, we offer scholarships for up to 60 percent of tuition based on financial need. Costs of transportation, hot lunch, after school sports programs, etc., are not covered through the tuition assistance program. Currently, we do not offer tuition assistance for preschool.

Tuition assistance is always available for new families applying to the school.

To apply for tuition assistance, families will need to submit a parent financial statement with Student and School Service for Financial Aid in Princeton, NJ. The forms are also available in the school office. Please contact the business office for any assistance needed in filling out and filing these forms.

“When we showed up at AACS, one of our children had lost the joy of learning. Within a week of enrollment, she’d never felt a greater sense of belonging and ‘fit’ — a place where the whole of who she is as a Christian girl is loved and nurtured. For all three of our children, AACS is not just an academic institution; it is so much more than that. It’s a community. We originally thought we couldn’t afford it. We’ve learned we can’t afford not to.”

-Parents of 3 AACS Students