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A note from Mrs. Straight about required summer reading:

Incoming 6th graders: Research indicates that promoting reading strengthens vocabulary skills as well as fostering better writing. There is a substantial amount of research on what is known as “summer slide,” the loss of skills over the summer. As a teacher, finding balance between preventing the ominous summer slide and allowing students to relax and enjoy summer can be tricky!

One thing I would like to encourage all middle school students to do over the summer is READ.  In our middle school, the 6th and 7th grades both have required summer reading. Some of you may be familiar with this requirement; please know it has changed over the years. There is no required summer reading for the 5th grade students; however, there are many things that can be done for fun. One of these is the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Journal. It is a simple activity in which students read any eight books and complete a simple journal. By participating in the program, they earn a free book. The journal is attached to this letter should you choose to participate. Another great way to encourage summer reading is to join your local library’s summer reading program. Additionally, googling “middle school summer reading” will help you find a number of ways to encourage your student to read over the summer months. The ideas are endless!

I am also attaching a packet from ReadWorks (along with an answer key), containing both fiction and non-fiction articles. These articles are a great resource and can be used to enhance daily reading.

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading 21 Journal

Entering 6th Summer Questions

ReadWorks 6th Grade Answer Key

ReadWorks 6th Grade Summer Reading Packet No Questions


2022 Resources:

6th Grade Summer Reading Packet No Questions

6th Grade Summer Reading Packet


A note from Mrs. Boettcher about required summer reading:

Incoming 7th and 8th gradersSummer reading is a requirement for you. You are expected to read a minimum of three grade-level novels over the summer. You were also given a Bingo sheet of reading related activities to complete as well. While there is no maximum number of activities to complete, there will be a project assigned when you return to school. You must complete at least five activities on the sheet. Please ensure you are keeping evidence of the completion. A reading packet from ReadWorks is included. These are short selections designed to keep your reading skills sharp over the summer.

You are encouraged to read some historical fiction texts from the time periods that will be covered in your social studies classes. The assignment as well as book lists are included below.

Middle School Summer Reading Requirements


Middle school book list:
Incoming 7th Grade Reading list

Incoming 8th grade summer reading list

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader link

Students completing grades 3-8 have accounts to take comprehension tests on books they have finished.

Parents can use the book finder to find “just right” level books

Free Readworks summer packets

There are vocabulary tests for each book in addition to the reading practice tests. Summer is a great time to learn and practice new vocabulary at home.

New summer reading journal for 2022


Parents can use AR Homeconnect to view your child’s progress related to AR quizzes and  to access the Bookfinder to find right level books. An informational letter with login information is linked here: AR Home Connect Information


7th Grade Summer Reading Packet No Questions

7th Grade Summer Reading Packet

8th Grade Summer Reading Packet No Questions

8th Grade Summer Reading Packet

Freckle  does have ELA, grammar and language practices as well (see class codes for math)




Library of Writing Activities

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