Pre-K & Kindergarten

Handwriting and Early Learning Resources through Learning Without Tears

Use this link to review letter and number formation the same way it has been taught in class as well as find other engaging activities using early literacy and writing skills. 

Simple grade level packets are available to print. 

Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool – Parents are able to sign up for the handwriting teaching tool which provides fun videos to review correct letter formation. (Forming letters correctly is SO important to writing fluency and ease!)  Click on the early learning or handwriting tile to create an account to access these materials. (Note: it looks like a teacher account, but the company has opened this up to parents for free for 90 days!)

Fine Motor Activities develop the hand and finger strength and coordination for learning and many also develop eye tracking skills for reading. Here is a great list of fun, engaging and simple fine motor activities for PK and K students.

Writing Activities (click here)



• Create a free parent site

Link to the printable summer practice booklet for K.

You may want to use the attached calendar to help motivate your child to practice skills using Freckle.
You can set goals with your child and provide simple incentives at home for reaching those goals.



Make daily reading a habit, both reading to your child and having beginning readers read to you!

Raz Kids reading at home
• Your teacher’s username:  klouwerse
• click on your child’s user name
• click on the sailboat icon (our class password)

Freckle also has ELA activities that students may access

Readworks has an assortment of articles and stories at a variety of grade levels with comprehension questions to talk about. Parents can create a free account.

Subscription – special pricing for summer ebook reading.

List of summer activities for PK and K

It is a trail that has stops along the way with a picture book. The book changes each month. It is a good way to encourage building literacy with spending some time outside.



Games and practice


Kindergarten TRICKy words link



A variety of activities and information on many different topics can be found Wide Open School.