Grades 3-5


Workbook Completion:

There are usually pages in the math workbooks that are not completed. These are excellent practices. Many are cumulative review pages and can be used to review and master skills that were taught during the year. The level of problem solving in our math curriculum is high, so doing these is the best practice for the math they will be working on in the next school year. This is a great paper and pencil review and can be done 10-15 minutes at a time over the summer.


Adaptive math practice on the skills your child needs at the right level as well as facts practice and mastery.

Also includes facts practice and mastery.

Students who just finished 3rd grade, class code is BCFVUG

Students who just finished 4th grade, class code is … coming soon

Students who just finished 5th grade, class code is SLIEKZ 

You may want to use the attached calendar to help motivate your child to practice skills using Freckle.

You can set goals with your child and provide simple incentives at home for reaching those goals.

XtraMath:  facts practice – families can sign up for a free account.

Khan Academy Mappers You can create customized practice based on their NWEA scores.  You will need your child’s winter NWEA report to fill in the fields.

Kahn Academy provides helpful instructional videos and practice in a no-frills delivery.

Link to summer printable summer practice booklet for grade 3

Link to summer printable summer practice booklet for grade 4

Link to summer printable summer practice booklet for grade 5



Accelerated Reader
will be open this summer for reading practice tests.

Student log in is (generally) user name: first initial last name, password: initials ( example jdoe,  jd)

Vocabulary tests following each book read are also available and summer is a great time to learn and practice new vocabulary as a family!

Parents can use AR Homeconnect to view your child’s progress related to AR quizzes and  to access the Bookfinder to find right level books. An informational letter with log in information is linked here:

AR Home Connect information

Note: Fifth graders moving to sixth grade are EXPECTED TO Read a minimum of  two grade-level appropriate books this summer and take AR tests.


Readworks has an assortment of articles and stories at a variety of grade levels with comprehension questions to talk about. 

Summer reading packets for each grade level are found here.

Freckle provides ELA practice as well (see class codes under math section)

Subscription – special pricing for summer ebook reading.

Handwriting and Keyboarding through Learning Without Tears:

Use this link to review letter formation the same way it has been taught in class as well as find  other engaging activities using early literacy and writing skills. It is important to continue to use cursive to keep the muscle memory for the strokes. Writing letters and cards to relatives is a great way to use cursive!

Simple grade level packets are available to print. You can use the April, May or June packet.

Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool – Parents are able to sign up for the handwriting teaching tool which provides fun videos to review correct letter formation. (Forming letters correctly is SO important to writing fluency and ease!)  Parents do need to create an account to do this. (Note: it looks like a teacher account, but the company has opened this up to parents for free for 90 days!)

Keyboarding:  Students may continue to use their keyboarding account through Keyboarding without Tears throughout the summer. Students should use the link provided to you for home use. The keyboarding program also provides a great review of language and introduces basic common knowledge that is good to know such as geography, history, the arts, etc.

Students completing  grades 3-5 can access their Keyboarding Without Tears program at home using the tokens emailed to you via

Class codes for keyboarding are:

3rd: 486965 (secret code is student initials)

4th: 745DD8 (students should know their secret code)

5th: E9E404 (the very secret code is Sliekers) 

Students may also set up a free account with Dance Mat Typing.

This is a good way for students using the computer to develop good keyboarding habits



Library of Writing Activities

You can filter by grade or content



A variety of activities and information on many different topics can be found at Wide Open School.