One Body, Many Parts - Who we are, Where we worship, & Where we live

A profound and vibrant sense of community is a striking and defining feature of AACS. For many students and their parents, AACS feels like a second church home where lifelong friendships are formed and remain well beyond their years at AACS.


We are a community in which we truly recognize the contribution of every member in the edification of our students, families, and school, and the care of members for each other is clear and palpable. When one of our families rejoices, we celebrate with them. When one of our families mourns, we grieve with them. We strive to labor, support, laugh, encourage, weep, and pray alongside each other in our collective efforts to provide an outstanding education for our students and to encourage each other in our spiritual walk with God. Through our parent volunteer program, parents work alongside each other in various ways to bless and serve the school and forge deep friendships along the way.

Where We Worship

We appreciate the diversity of churches represented in our school and the richness it provides to our community. Families in the school are members of churches that are unified on the essentials of the Christian faith (as summarized by the Apostles’ Creed and Nicene Creed), but they may hold differing views on certain aspects of faith and practice, such as how baptism should be performed, how communion is celebrated, and the role of women in church leadership. Yet, our common mission of helping children grow as disciples of Jesus Christ empowers us to respond to these challenges with Christian love and maturity. Rather than teach the non-core doctrine of any one particular denomination, we focus on developing the Christian character of the students, their knowledge of the Scriptures, and their relationship with their Lord and Savior. Our goal is also to help them understand what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ. We are united in the foundational beliefs that make us all Christians.

At the same time, with a commitment to truth and love working together, we also hold steadfast to traditional and biblical views on critical social issues in our world today. We believe in God’s call to love all and to do so without compromising convictions.

  • 242 Community Church – Ann Arbor and Brighton
  • Ann Arbor Antioch Church
  • Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church
  • Ann Arbor Hope
  • Brighton Christian Church
  • Chelsea Church of the Nazarene
  • Chelsea Free Methodist
  • Chinese Bible – Farmington Hills
  • Christ the King Catholic Church
  • Christ the King Lutheran
  • Cornerstone Presbyterian Church
  • Covenant Presbyterian
  • Cross and Resurrection Lutheran
  • Crossroads Community Baptist
  • Crossroads Community
  • Dexter United Methodist
  • First Baptist – Ann Arbor
  • First Presbyterian – Ann Arbor
  • First Presbyterian – Brighton
  • Grace Ann Arbor Church
  • Grace Baptist Church
  • Grace Bible Church
  • Harvest Mission Community
  • Huron Hills Baptist
  • Korean Presbyterian Church
  • Korean United Methodist
  • Knox Presbyterian Church
  • New Generations Church
  • New Life Church
  • Northridge Church
  • St. George Orthodox Church, Flint
  • St. Joseph Catholic – South Lyon
  • St. Luke Lutheran
  • St. Luke Lutheran – Living Water
  • St. Mary’s Student Parish
  • Scio Community Alliance
  • Shekinah Christian
  • Solid Rock Church of Ann Arbor
  • Tri-Lakes Baptist
  • Trinity Evangelical Presbyterian
  • University Lutheran Chapel
  • Ypsilanti Free Methodist Church
  • Zion Lutheran

Where We Live

Invested in the experience of being at AACS, families come from many towns and communities to our school. The average family drives 15-20 minutes to AACS, with some driving as long as 30-35 minutes. Many of our families comes from Ann Arbor and Dexter, but many also come from every direction around Ann Arbor.

Approximate drive times from a few locations of our families:

Downtown Ann Arbor — 9 min.

Brighton — 15 min.

Canton — 24 min.

Chelsea — 24 min.

Dexter — 16 min.

Dixboro — 12 min.

Howell — 25 min.

Saline — 24 min.

Whitmore Lake — 9 min.

Ypsilanti — 21 min.