Ready to impact and transform lives today and tomorrow?

As Ann Arbor Christian approaches 30 years of God’s faithfulness, it is a special time to recognize the heartfelt investment of the many who have given generously to make the school a reality. These pioneering individuals and families heard God’s calling to start AACS and gave sacrificially to begin the school that hundreds of students have been touched by.

In unity with the past generations of believers who have and are supporting AACS, the question today is how can we all continue building the work that He began over twenty-plus years ago? How can we give and invest in AACS so that the current and the next generation of students will be abundantly blessed by this school? What will AACS look like 25 years from now? 50 years from now?

Partnering with your time

Always at the heart of any discussion about supporting AACS is its mission: To provide an outstanding education rooted in Jesus Christ and to accomplish this through close partnership with the family and the church. Immeasurable by financial benchmarks, countless individuals who have devoted thousands of hours as volunteers in virtually every aspect of the school’s life.

Whether it be serving on a committee, being a classroom aide to a teacher, shelving books in our library, or helping in a school event, your gift of time and “sweat equity” is an invaluable contribution to the work that goes on at AACS. It exemplifies the word “partnership” in our mission.

Partnering with your financial gifts

Remembering why AACS is so important, we will work towards strengthening and improving our school with every dollar that comes in. We ask that you join other generous people who are financially investing in students’ lives. Your financial gifts are vital in helping us to provide an excellent Christ-centered education in the city of Ann Arbor and in maintaining the financial health of the school. Your giving is truly appreciated and being put to immediate use to impact the daily experience of every student and teacher. Please know that your gift is more than a number. It has real transformative impact on real students, real lives, and real hearts made in God’s image.

This vision takes God’s people moving with us and people who are willing to get informed, serve, and invest over the long haul to see this happen.

How to maximize your gift: Please click below to make a secured online gift. If possible, because of a lower transaction fee, we encourage the EFT/ACH (bank account) option over the credit card option. It allows the maximum amount of your gift to support the school.

We ask you to join with us again as we lay the foundation for another 25 years. If met, these needs will have an immediate impact on the educational experience being offered, while investing in areas of long-term growth for the school. These needs include:

  • ensuring that the growing number of families needing tuition assistance have the support they need to attend AACS;
  • building funds for curricular improvements and new resources;
  • providing the staffing and resources (e.g., technology) to meet our students’ educational needs;
  • taking a step in making the school debt-free for future generations by paying off the mortgage;
  • closing operational expenses not covered by tuition.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization, so your contribution is tax deductible. Donations can be pledges of financial support over time, gifts, donations of stock, property, annuities, or gifts in kind.