More Than Just Statistics

The words “Outstanding Results” can be captured in so many ways here at AACS. Children come to us from various backgrounds and abilities, but there is an ever-present emphasis on meeting each child where he/she is, pushing and challenging each child towards excellence, and then celebrating his/her individual achievements and “eureka” moments.

  • Each child is personally known.
  • Each child is personally challenged to grow both as a student and a child of God.
  • More important than test scores, AACS takes pride in individual student growth.
  • With each year, we are strengthening our resources to support a wider range of academic needs.
  • Our students’ achievements are testimonies to the genuine care, efforts, and abilities of our teachers.

AACS has a history of outstanding academic achievement. As a school, our scores on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and MAP Growth Test by NWEA are consistently well above both the state and national averages. As a result, our graduates are well prepared to succeed in area high schools. Reports from guidance counselors from local high schools also attest to this preparation.

Results can be measured in other profound ways as well. Our strong statistics on standardized testing are only made possible because of the efforts of our teachers to recognize the individual needs of our students and to assist each child to reach his or her full, God-given academic potential. Each child is known and loved to grow as a scholar and as a child of God. As any responsible school knows, standardized test scores are only one measure of a school’s performance and are never the sole gauge of how students are growing or how a school is doing.

Therefore, our proudest “results” are in the successes and growth of each one of our students, academically and spiritually, that the teachers see in the classroom. The many moments of individual achievement are what truly excite us – moments when students expand their intellectual grasp of a topic, examine their approach to studying for tests, consider ethical choices on the Internet, or are challenged to consider the biblical implications of how to work on a sports team. Sometimes, those moments happen suddenly as eureka moments. Other times, those moments took weeks or months of hard work to arrive at. Nevertheless, Ann Arbor Christian takes tremendous pride in seeing these moments and recognizing them, in many ways, as the true “results” that exemplify our school.