Extending the Classroom

One of our guiding principles is “Recognize each student’s uniqueness and challenge students to fully develop the spiritual, intellectual, artistic, and physical gifts that God has given them.”
An education is only excellent and complete if it nourishes and challenges the growth of the whole student. As a result, the school is committed to provide areas of learning and exploration outside of the core subjects and provides classes in general music, instrumental music, visual arts, physical education, and world language (e.g., Spanish and Mandarin Chinese). In addition, the school offers various opportunities to participate in enriching activities after school, such as:

• A vibrant theater club
• Math and Science Olympiads
• Girls on the Run
• A successful LEGO Robotics program
• Starting in grade five, our after school athletics program includes: soccer, volleyball, basketball, track and field, and baseball. We compete in a local private school athletic league.

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Fine Arts

Educating in the arts and music means much more than just giving students the experience of singing songs or making artwork. AACS students learn to recognize and evaluate the aesthetic side of God’s creation, explore different mediums for artistic expression, appreciate art history, identify works by well-known artists, and discuss differences in art from different cultures. We teach basic music history and theory, as well as the role of music in worship and in biblical history.

We believe in a creative God, who wants us to appreciate and nurture our creativity. He has given us a world of form, shape, color, pattern, and beauty. The art curriculum helps students learn to recognize, enjoy, and evaluate the aesthetic side of God’s creation. Students explore different mediums for artistic expression, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, jewelry, weaving, textiles, stained glass and mosaics. Students are introduced to art history, learn to identify art by well-known artists, and discuss differences in art from different cultures.

Music education at our school centers around a desire for the passion of music to touch the hearts of God’s people. Our students are taught basic music history and theory, as well as the role of music in worship and in biblical history.

Physical Education

Complementing their development in the classroom, physical education and athletics at AACS promote physical fitness and Christian discipleship through sports and physical activities. In elementary school, we center around the concepts “share, care, and play fair” and the development of essential physical skills at each grade level. In middle school, we build on those concepts as we focus on valuable lessons in teamwork, sportsmanship, attitude, perseverance, loyalty, and humility in defeat and victory. The middle school curriculum also includes a health unit.

World Languages

Knowing that young minds are ripe for language exploration and that the stretching of the mind benefits other areas of learning, students in grades 1-5 spend a semester in Spanish and a semester in Mandarin Chinese. These two languages were chosen because they are the most “future oriented”. While learning Spanish and Chinese, the students learn about important cultural aspects related to each language in order to develop a fuller appreciation of our broader world.

Extracurricular Sports

Ann Arbor Christian School is part of an athletic league with other area private schools, including St. Paul Lutheran, Emerson, Washtenaw Christian Academy, Rudolf Steiner, St. Mary’s, Christ the King, and Spiritus Sanctus. It provides an additional opportunity for our students to train and enjoy physical and mental abilities that God has given them, important learning experiences about perseverance and teamwork, exercise, and lessons about gracious manners in victory and defeat.  Students in grade 5-8 can participate in a variety of after-school sports, including soccer, volleyball, baseball, basketball, baseball, and track and field. Varsity teams are made up of seventh and eighth graders, while junior varsity teams are made up of sixth graders and fifth graders. Our Athletic Director organizes these teams, which are led by coaches from the school community.

Service & Outreach

At AACS, we put faith into action. Integrating Christian faith, academic excellence, and service defines our educational outlook. We seek to teach and model Christian principles by encouraging students to become sensitive to others’ needs.

Whether as a class or as an entire school, service-learning projects offer a way to apply these principles and teach the importance of caring for God’s world and serving others. Projects have included:

  • Raising money for relief work for Haiti and for an orphanage in Haiti
  • Performing yard work for the elderly and those in need of assistance
  • Singing at local retirement homes
  • Organizing over 5,000 servings of food through canned food drives
  • Collecting cans and bottles as part of Earth Day
  • Shipping school supplies to underprivileged communities
  • Supporting 200 children displaced by Boko Haram atrocities in northeast Nigeria
  • Raising funds for the construction of a well for a village in Ghana