Our Vision for Each Student

Our vision is to transform new generations of students who use their minds, hearts, hands, and feet to be culture makers for Jesus Christ.

Shaping our heart and character

As a school, we see Christ as not only shaping our minds, but also as molding our faith, our heart, and our character.  Furthermore, spiritual development is not just something that happens in Bible class, but permeates all subjects and how we operate and care for each other as a school community.

  • We bring to the center of our core beliefs those that unite all Christians to guide students in their faith walk.
  • We focus on developing winsome Christian character and strong biblical knowledge.
  • At the same time, with a commitment to truth and love working together, we also hold steadfast to traditional and biblical views on critical social issues in our world today. We believe in God’s call to love all and to do so without compromising convictions.
  • Teachers lead students in daily devotions and guide students to an understanding of what it means to be disciples of Christ.
  • Our annual Christ-centered school year theme is incorporated in our school chapels and both classroom and all-school activities.

A Profile of Our Graduate

  • Deeply rooted – Students understand and know that their chief end in life is to know, enjoy, and love God and, thus, naturally and automatically see the world and their lives through a historic Christian worldview and conduct every facet of their lives accordingly.
  • Well educated – Students complete a first-rate academic program. Students are equipped as truth-seekers with the skills to gather, organize, evaluate, and communicate information with integrity, clarity, intelligence, humility, and conviction.
  • Joyful about learning – Students are eager to develop and pursue skills, experiences, and knowledge as means to develop their God-given abilities. Students have a strong understanding and commitment to pursuing growth and excellence in mind, body, and heart.
  • Wise and winsome – Students are reflective and know how to use past experiences and acquired knowledge to make discerning choices. Students also present their core values and beliefs in a manner that is clear and firm while honorable and respectful.
  • Socially savvy – Students have strong interpersonal skills to effectively navigate different group and social settings and to be leaders in those contexts.
  • Faithful in trials – Students endure all circumstances with resilience. Students see their faith as intelligent, defendable, and life-giving and draw on their faith in all circumstances to wisely discern God’s leading and to be salt and light to the world.
  • Responsive to their neighbors – Students understand who their neighbors are and have a heart to love and serve them. Students also believe in the power of living and working in community and the concept of “many parts, one body.”

Worshipping Together in Chapel

Chapel is an integral part of our school curriculum. Each year, chapel focuses on a particular theme, which teachers incorporate into their classroom activities. For this year, the theme is “Made in His Image, Reflecting His Likeness.” Previous themes have also included:

• Serve the Lord with Gladness
• God so Loved the World
• God Keeps His Promises
• Walking in the Light
• The Wonderful Name of Jesus
• Our World Belongs to God
• Let us Fix our Eyes on Jesus
• Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, We are the Body of Christ
• The Names of God
• Fruits of the Spirit
• The Lord’s Prayer
• Come Follow, Me

Through chapel, students learn how to pray and sing publicly and to participate in worship. Middle school students are actively involved in planning chapel worship. Guest speakers talk to students about their Christian walk, or focus on an area relevant to a service project or another topical issue that ties in with the chapel theme for the school year.